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1041 S Edgewood St
Arlington, VA, 22204
United States


Pentagon MMA is a community of fun-loving, adventurous folks of all ages and walks of life who have a passion for Muay Thai (also known as Kickboxing or Thai Boxing), Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), and mixed martial arts.


Gurkha Warrior Boot Camp

Gurkha Warrior Boot Camp at Pentagon MMA in Arlington, VA


gurkha warrior boot camp


Gurkha soldiers from Nepal are among the toughest, bravest, and fiercest modern day warriors. Train like a Gurkha warrior and join us for an exciting, high intensity experience!

What is a typical class like? Gurkha Warrior Boot Camp classes consist of a variety of fun, dynamic and intense team and individual exercises, both conventional and unconventional. In addition to using your own body weight, classes incorporate battle ropes, sand bags, tractor tires, agility ladders, medicine balls, kettle bells, dumb bells, and so much more! Our mission here is to help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be, by making you both mentally and physically stronger and taking your stamina to the next level. Each class presents new challenges designed to make you faster, leaner, and more agile!

What gear do I need?

The Gurkha Warrior Boot Camp is both an indoor and outdoor training program, so make sure you wear weather-appropriate workout clothing. Don’t forget your running shoes! You do not need any martial arts equipment for this Boot Camp.

When and where are the classes?

Gurkha Warrior Boot Camp classes are held five times per week at Pentagon MMA’s Arlington facility, with classes having an outdoor component depending on the weather. Classes are held on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 6am, Saturdays at 8am, and Sundays at 9am. Each class is approximately one hour long.

Can I join at any time?

Yes, you can join at any time!

Do I need to be physically fit to join?

No! You just need a bit of commitment and determination. And please make sure you are cleared by your physician if you have any serious medical issues. Protection Status