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1041 S Edgewood St
Arlington, VA, 22204
United States


Pentagon MMA is a community of fun-loving, adventurous folks of all ages and walks of life who have a passion for Muay Thai (also known as Kickboxing or Thai Boxing), Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), and mixed martial arts.


Women's Fitness Kickboxing

WOMEN'S FITNESS KICKBOXING programs at Pentagon MMA in Arlington, VA. The women's fitness kickboxing program combines fat melting, high-intensity cardio with basic Muay Thai techniques and body weight exercises.

Women's Fitness Kickboxing

Few stress management techniques are more effective than spending an hour striking and kicking a heavy bag! The Women’s Fitness Kickboxing program combines fat melting, high intensity cardio with basic Muay Thai techniques and body weight exercises to strengthen, tone, and sculpt the entire body. While the focus of kickboxing is on the hands and legs, the balance and stabilization required to perform these movements will take your core strength to another level and makes Kickboxing one of the most efficient fitness techniques. 

All activities are performed at each participant’s own pace according to their own fitness level, with guidance and motivation given by the instructor. Interspersed with core conditioning and performed at a fast pace, this total-body workout will improve coordination, agility, flexibility and cardiovascular conditioning while burning fat and building muscle.


This is a 15-minute basics class provided free of charge to new or trial students available by appointment only. It is geared towards students with little to no experience in Kickboxing or Muay Thai. The focus of this class is to build familiarity with foundational punching and kicking techniques. At Pentagon MMA, we firmly believe that a strong foundation is the key to success, in addition to being a major factor in preventing injuries. We highly recommend that all new students with little to no Kickboxing or Muay Thai experience complete this Intro class before taking the Women's Bag Circuit class. Just give us a call at 703-521-1000 or email us at to inquire about available appointments!


This is a high intensity, one-hour, fat-blasting, cardio-pumping workout using free-standing heavy bags. Students can move through the drills at their own pace, but we do encourage everyone to push themselves to get stronger and tougher, both physically and mentally.


This is a high intensity, one-hour, strength training and aerobic conditioning class using a combination of your own body weight, dumbbells, and other conditioning equipment. Each class is designed to increase speed, lateral movements, balance and mobility, and overall strength and endurance. The goals are to increase athletic performance and lean body mass in a safe and professional environment necessary for injury prevention.


All Women's Kickboxing Bag Circuit classes require hand wraps and (at least) 12 oz boxing gloves. Don't have any? Check out our Pro Shop at our studio for great rates on hand wraps, boxing gloves, and more!